The story of Better Boxes


Hi, I'm Lara! I was inspired to make Better Boxes because I wanted to have an easier time moving and organizing my stuff. I designed the boxes over dozens of moves and multiple cross-country relocations.

I first launched the website in January 2020 and began selling prototype boxes at the Santa Cruz Maker's Market. With a new office downtown it was a dream come true! But by April it became clear that 2020 would be a year to recalibrate, reprioritize, and possibly relocate.

In 2022 I moved back to my home state of New Hampshire and started over building the supply chain on the east coast. A production run of Better Boxes will now be happening for the first time this spring, 2024!

If you're a vendor and want to stock Better Boxes, please get in touch. Thanks!

Timeline of Product Development

the inspiration

Laconia, NH, 2003 - The inspiration for Muvo Boxes were these antique wooden milk crates from a yard sale.

Muvo Box 2.0 Syracuse

Syracuse University, NY, 2010 - Muvo Box 2.0 was designed in expanded polypropylene and could double function as a drink cooler.


Park City, UT 2013 - Prototyping Muvo Box 3.0.

Muvo Box 3.0 in the crusher

Salt Lake City, Utah, 2013 - Muvo Box 3.0  crush tested for the first time.

Muvo Box Patent

Santa Cruz, CA 2017 - Muvo Box second patent granted.

Laser Cut Better Boxes

Santa Cruz, CA, 2019 - Prototypes of trays and bins developed at Idea Fab Labs.

Muvo Box

Manchester, NH, 2023 - First prototype of Muvo Box 4.0 with thinner walls for a sleeker aesthetic.