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The Story of Better Boxes


Hi, I'm Lara! I was inspired to make Better Boxes because I wanted to have an easier time moving and organizing my stuff. I designed the boxes over dozens of moves and multiple cross-country relocations.

My most recent major move was from Santa Cruz, California where I lived for seven years back to my home state of New Hampshire in May 2022. Within NH I've moved five times since! I've also lived in Boston, San Francisco, Salt Lake City, Park City, Syracuse, Concord, Greater D.C., and now, Laconia.

You might be wondering, "Why?" Well, the long story short is, I moved to pursue opportunities, to follow my heart, and to chase my dreams. Creating a new product and starting a company is a road filled with challenges, but I'm grateful for my entrepreneurial journey and excited to see where this venture will lead next!

Timeline of Product Development

the inspiration

Laconia, NH, 2003 - The inspiration for Muvo Boxes were these antique wooden milk crates from a yard sale.

Muvo Box 1.0

Laconia, NH, 2005 - Muvo Box 1.0, made of wood.


Syracuse University, NY, 2010 - Muvo Box 2.0 was designed in expanded polypropylene and could double function as a drink cooler.


Park City, UT 2013 - Prototyping Muvo Box 3.0. (See how this same box looks now, more than ten years later.)

Muvo Box 3.0 in the crusher

Salt Lake City, Utah, 2013 - Muvo Box 3.0  crush tested for the first time.

Muvo Box Patent

Santa Cruz, CA 2017 - Muvo Box second patent granted.

Laser Cut Better Boxes

Santa Cruz, CA, 2019 - Prototypes of trays and bins developed at Idea Fab Labs.

Muvo Box

Manchester, NH, 2023 - First prototype of Muvo Box 4.0 with thinner walls for a sleeker aesthetic.

Beautiful Bottom Panel

Laconia, NH, 2024 - Muvo Box 4.7 with tight fitting bottom panel and die-ready corners.